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A reformed methanol fuel cell based on intermediate-temperature molten proton conductor electrolyte

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Drywall Integrated Hybrid Energy Storage Systems

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OASIS (H2020) project aims at fulfilling the market potential of nano-enabled multifunctional lightweight products by:

1. Gathering the manufacturing capacity of 12 pilot lines from nanoparticles to the final product. 2. Establishing a thorough service offer for associated technical & business development 3. Granting direct access to the whole ecosystem through a Single-Entry Point, for easier access especially for SMEs.

The vision of OASIS is an ecosystem of 12 nanotechnology manufacturing pilot lines, operating under a common and demanding umbrella of Sustainable Production. It aims at ensuring a competitive, quality, safe and environmentally friendly production of nano-enabled products in compliance with the applicable regulation.

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NANOBAT (H2020) project aims to develop a novel nanotechnology toolbox for quality testing of Li-ion and beyond Lithium batteries.

Sustainable electricity storage is among this century’s main challenges. Being faster and more accurate than existing methods, the radio frequency (RF)-nanoscale techniques to be developed in NanoBat have the potential to redefine battery production in Europe and worldwide and greatly benefit the clean energy and e-mobility transition in Europe.



COORAGE (ESA) is a project involving both Greek and German partners and led by Pleione Energy. It deals with the development of graphene-based lithium battery cells with extended life cycle. It involves material and process optimization in all levels of the developed graphene-based electrodes in a previous ESA activity (GADGET) by Pleione Energy. These levels extend from active material slurry to electrode production and final cell design and assembly. Vital tradeoffs shall ensure the envisioned performance improvements while keeping production cost low.

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GRACE (ESA) is a project involving both Greek and German partners and led by Pleione Energy. Building on the results of previous ESA-GADGET activity, main goal of the activity is to validate the capabilities and advantages of the developed graphene-based supercapacitor electrodes at a cell level by designing, manufacturing, and testing a prototype high performance graphene-based supercapacitor cell for space applications. It will support the way towards commercialization of the graphene technology by optimizing cell design and manufacturing procedure to ensure the necessary repeatability and shorter production time required by industry.



GADGET (ΕSA) is a project led by Adamant Composites Ltd (Greece). The objective of this activity is to select, manufacture, test and benchmark graphene-based energy storage components with enhanced energy and power density. Pleione Energy is a subcontractor contributing to the development and testing of a graphene-based component for energy storage systems, as well as the commercial evaluation and the industrialization plan of the system.



GOETHE (ΕSA) is a project led by Adamant Composites Ltd (Greece). The objective of this activity is to develop, manufacture and test new polymeric materials doped with graphene to enhance their intrinsic electrical and thermal conductivity. Pleione Energy S.A is a sub-contractor contributing to the breadboard development and testing, industrial planning and commercial evaluation.


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