• We aspire to achieve further excellence by combining advanced material knowledge translating into innovative energy-efficiency applications.
  • We leverage the management’s extensive expertise in the space and energy sector to convert opportunities to profitability.
  • We identify proven, leading-edge technologies and synthesize them into industrial applications and products, maximizing their exploitation potential.
  • We foster collaboration and team spirit throughout the organization, in both internal and external engagements.
  • As engineers, we promote continuous improvement in all aspects of our activity and nurture a learning culture throughout the company.
  • Bottom line, we believe in excellence. We maintain the highest standards in everything we do, and we focus on results.
 At Pleione Energy, we know that high quality products provide the basis; however, it is expertise, professionalism, outstanding service, and a sense of responsibility that guarantee economic success. And that creates added value. 

We have a flat management structure that empowers our people to take responsibility for specific areas of the business.