Our motto reflects our drive to make a difference, to develop novel solutions for energy applications, and to rethink the energy challenge!

The worldwide demand for energy is continuously growing, and it is expected to have risen by approximately 50% by 2030, according to the International Energy Agency.

A lot of effort has been made to meet the ever increasing energy demand of modern societies through the use of conventional fossil fuels technology and renewables.

From production to end usage, there exists a whole intricate added-value chain of energy conversion, distribution and storage. Lack of efficiency and optimization in this chain remains a key issue with respect to achieving a more sustainable future.

We at Pleione Energy believe that innovation can help bridge this gap. Our advanced materials and nanotechnology expertise, along with our extensive research experience in the energy and space sector, empowers us to achieve technological breakthroughs.

Pleione Energy’s objective is the integration of enabling technologies into technical innovations for the development of energy applications, for the energy and space sector. More specifically, Pleione Energy focuses on the development of innovative and cost-effective applications and systems for energy conversion, distribution and storage through the use of enabling technologies that can benefit both the industry and society at large.

Drive Innovation Forward:

Develop top-quality energy applications that meet customers’ needs and have commercial potential

Maximize the value of innovation

Seek partners to maximize value

Strive for quality in all we do

Quality is crucial and needs to be ingrained across all functions